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Mission Statement

We change lives, we save lives. The Knights of Columbus founded in 1882 is the world's largest Catholic family fraternal service organization, with nearly 2 million members serving more than 16,000 Councils throughout the world in one of the 3,270 Districts under one of the 75+ State Councils.
The mission of the Knights of Columbus California is to  support our Districts, Assemblies, and Councils within our Chapter area. Each Council within our Districts support their priest,  parishioners, and community by providing support and sharing time, and talents while serving the spiritual, liturgical, educational and social needs of all God's people.
Fr. Michael J. McGivney
Fr. Micahel J. McGivney, our founder

in History:

In 2017, the Knights of Columbus set a new all-time record for the 18th consecutive year. Our charitable donations increased from $177,500,673 million in 2016 to a new total of $185,600,000 in 2017. In addition, we achieved our highest level of charitable service in 2017, volunteering more than 75.6 million hours of service.

 The Knights of Columbus in California has 16 Chapters, 156 Districts, 127 Assemblies, 717 Councils and more than 77,000 members.