Dr. Thomas A. Dooley Council 5303

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After 142 years, the Knights of Columbus is pulling down a veil of secrecy that has surrounded its ceremonies.  The first, second, and third degree exemplification, is the KC initiation ceremony that focuses on the principles of charity, unity and fraternity.  The next Council 5303 exemplification is on Tues, Oct 26 at 6pm in the Church, and we invite all family, friends and fellow parishioners to join us.

Second Tuesday at 7:00 pm
Upcoming Events:
      Oct 23 Frank "N" Stein Dinner
Oct 24 Doughnuts after Mass
Oct 26 3rd Degree Exemplification 
               St Marys Church @6pm, Reception following
               8:30am, St Marys Parking Lot
Contact Us:
Grand Knight: Joe Lilly
(209) 559-1409 
Email: joe@jmlilly.com