Next  Chapter Mtg.  July 11, 2024 - Father Heslin COUNCIL - Host Council 2557 Turlock
Out of area but accessible:
Oct. 6  Special Olympics Rippon Soccer Competition 

*  Flyer for Oct. 9 Seminary Education Dinner /Parade of GKs 

 We are strengthening families and revitalize our parishes.


Featured activity for July is  the "Planning for the new year  supporting our Faith in Action programs" 



July  4, 2024 Stockton Parade

* Chapter 6 July  Newsletter

Msgr Gus & Msgr Ryan

Msgr Gus & Msgr Ryan 

50 Years in Priesthood Celebration

Color Corps with Bishop

Assemblies 48, 58 & 3340 at St. Bernard's Tracy with Bishop Myron

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